Looking for some FREE wall art to decorate your store or cafe?

We can help give your store, cafe, clinic, or restaurant a unique look with some of our wall art. We provide them free in exchange for displaying, and helping sell our art. We even give you a commission on any art sold! WIN WIN for you.

Why display art in your cafe or shop?

Not only does unique art give guests something to look at, it uplifts the atmosphere, creating a unique environment for your customers to talk about and more importantly, remember and want to return!

You will be supporting a Victoria, BC based artist, as thanks, I will also giving your store 20% back on ANY art sale made in your cafe or shop. Ideally for cafes or restaurants, I would love to do a split where the shop gets 10% and the server/staff that sells the art gets 10% as I love to support local workers.

Lastly, because its FREE! It costs you nothing, even if none of the art displayed sells, you get free wall art to decorate your shop with for as long as we can continue to work together, no unrealistic obligations, no costs, no huge risks.

What kind of wall art?

Besides our Twisted Portraits, we also create unique wall art in all different genres. From twisted, dark and horror art, to animal, and abstract wall art.

We hope that providing something different will help our art stand out, and your shop or cafe look unique to create lasting memories.

We can provide our art in all sizes from 12x16 up to 30x40 inches! In canvas or framed fine art. You can even pick which art you prefer to have created for your shop. We don't force you to display anything that you don't want.

Look through our wall art section to see the different styles.

Some answers to questions you may have.

What stores or shops can apply & where will you provide art to?

If you have a boutique, cafe, retail business of any sort, clinic or even some offices are welcome. Currently we are only working to provide art for Victoria, BC and the greater area. This way I can personally come by to deliver and even help hang art if needed! This also allows me to come by on occasion to see how things are going and discuss if we need to get more art to keep your decor fresh.

How long of a process is this? When can I get art for my shop?

After discussing what you would like, we can have our art ready and to your location in under 14 days usually. Depending on how many pieces are needed or if you may need something custom done.

How many pieces of art can/should we display?

That is entirely up to the store, but normally having a few pieces can improve the overall look and give your customers some variety. If you have a space to hold more pieces, we are open to discussing anything!

What if some art sells, can we get more to keep our shop looking fresh?

Of course! The idea is to keep your walls decorated and if art is selling, to keep your commissions flowing!

How does the pricing, and commission work for art sold in our establishment?

We can provide simple tags, with rounded numbers for your customers to make that spur of the moment purchase easier! Any sale of our art in your shop, we give you 20% back the retail price, simple high commission for no up front cost to you. For example an art piece sells for $200 in your cafe, we only ask for $160 of the sale. *taxes or CC fees are different in each shop and not calculated in our agreement. Balances owing for art sold can be paid online via card, e-transfer, or in person in any preferred method and calculated at the end of each month or a preferred day that works with your books.

What type of agreement, contract, or obligations are involved?

Because we are creating, and providing everything for free, we do require that each shop or cafe sign a simple agreement that they will display the pieces for at least 30 days, and will be responsible for any art theft, damage or vandalism in your possession just like any loaned property as our insurance does not cover out of possession property losses. While we hope we never have to, we also reserve the right to remove our art if any business conflicts or issues arise at any time, but even then we would give proper notice of any changes or actions needing to be taken so you have time to re-decorate/plan for replacements.

Rather than displaying and earning commission, do you sell wholesale?

Yes of course, please see our Wholsale Art For Resale page for more info.

I am interested in showcasing some of your art, how do I get started?

If you have a boutique, cafe, retail business of any sort, clinic or even some offices, reach out to us if you would like to capitalize on that empty wall space! I would love to hear from you, just give me a shout via the contact form HERE. My name is Logan, I am based out of Victoria, BC and I do all the art myself so you are dealing with me directly for everything :)