Looking for some Dark Art for your home or to add a touch of horror art to your office? Twisted Portraits now sells unique wall art to suit your needs!

Our 3 most popular pieces of Dark Wall Art are:

1. Skull Queen Dark Splatter
Our infamous Skull Queen painted in a dark splatter technique to reveal her dark beauty.

dark skull art prints canada

2. Hooded Mortality Skull Art
Hooded skeleton or modern day grim reaper? Either way this ominous skull painting will suit any gothic decor.

grim reaper skull art canada

3. BOUND Dark Art
Her hands bound in rope, a dramatic, dark art piece is created. Add visual impact to any room with this art piece.

bdsm art canada

If dark wall art is your style, look no further than Twisted Portraits, which is based in Canada but has print warehouses in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia so art lovers around the world can order within your own country.