Losing your little fur friend (or scaled or feathered) can mean to some people just as much as losing another person. To many of us, our pets are our children!

Our pets made a house a home, made our life more complete with the unconditional love given from them. With a custom pet portrait you can memorialize your pet, your loved one, your best friend, in a beautiful way.

Our 3 most popular personalized pet portraits are.

1. Watercolour Pet Portrait.
The time honoured style of watercolour, colour matched to your home, you can't go wrong for a way to grieve or as a gift to someone that lost a pup.

watercolour dog portrait

2. Paint Splash Custom Pet Portrait
A much more modern style pet portrait for those with a modern house/home.

paint splash pet portrait

3. Dark Paint Custom Pet Portrait
For those that prefer a dark style, or just fancy more of a black and white modern piece of pet portrait art.

dark paint pet portrait custom


Whichever personalized pet portrait you choose, your loved one will be immortalized in a beautiful piece of art for everyone to enjoy, just as you will when you get to see their face every day.